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Space Hockey

A multitouch air hockey game

Role: User Interface Engineer
Language: Java
Technology: Wii Remote, MT4J Library, OpenGL, LED lights, Projector

The Project: The purpose of the project was to create a multitouch game using the MT4J library. The team and I decided on an air hockey game and a working prototype of an air hockey table. My role consisted of building the front-end of the game, defining the game rules and soldering the LED lights to create the pushers. As the pushers glide across the tables, a trail of color follows. When there is a collision, the color particles will explode. The amount of color and spread that appears in the game depends upon the velocity of the collision between the puck and the pushers. Star wars sounds were added to the game to keep in theme with "Space Hockey." The sounds are randomized and are cued to go off upon collision. The winner is the first to 15 point before the game restarts.

The Hockey Table: The components that we used in the creation of the Space Hockey game is: an infrared camera in the form of a Wii Remote, led lights, a projector, a table and a mirror. Our infrared camera is able to see the inputs clearly. In our set up, we had our projector project our application onto a large dressing room mirror which then reflected the light onto the glass table above it. We had the camera sit on top of the projector. Just as the mirror reflects the light onto the table top, the light emitting from the led on the table reflects off the mirror below and is captured by the camera. To keep the led lights from reflecting off the table and duplicating itself, we covered the table with a white cloth.