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Never Eat Alone

A futuristic social installation for students

Role: User Researcher
Techniques: Ethnographic Field Study, Interviews

The Project: To design an application that ensure that no student has to eat lunch alone again!. We went out and took 300 pictures of students eating by themselves and students eating in groups. We interviewed 2 individuals and 2 groups. From these photos we learned what tasks are involved when eating alone vs. in groups, what artifacts are available, the context and what emotions are involved. From our interview we found that the 3 issues to address when designing our application

To brainstorm, we broke up our solutions into 3 categories: w/o technology, w/ smart phones and our imaginations. Solutions that we came up with were:

  • A communication covenant (w/o)
  • Conference calls (w/o smart phone)
  • A batman signal in the sky
  • RateMyFriends.com