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Hello I am Tawny Le.

I am a Silicon Valley based designer who provides engaging user experiences for the web. I am passionate about everything digital. Whether it is in research or design, I want to create products that makes users happy. When I am not at my desk, I can be found chasing my chinchillas around the house.


Tawny Le

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I became interested in web development because I wanted to customize my pet's page on Neopets. Majoring in software engineering seemed like a natural choice. However, a ubiquitous computing class introduced me to the world of human-computer interaction and I made the switch. Needless to say, my new major paired with my digital design courses was a death note to my laptop. By winter of my junior year, two laptops received the blue screen of death by running Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator alongside Eclipse. Thankfully I began wire framing with Balsamiq and directing a 5 webisodes using Final Draft and Final Cut Pro as a much needed break.

Contact Me

E-mail: thanhml[at]alumni.uci.edu

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